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The Soul of a Woman

This is going to be a vulnerable piece to write but I think it’s important and it’s a personal journey I’m on that I felt there would be some value in sharing with others.

It’s the journey of being open and receptive to loving, caring, nurturing love after damaging abusive past relationships and abandonment wounds.

I’ve come to realize that I thought I was open to desiring soul abounding love but when it arrives right in front of my face….I’m not openly receptive to it.

Not many people talk about this concept of not being open to receive, but it’s more common than we realise

It can feel vulnerable receiving love when you haven’t felt it in the past or don’t feel particularly worthy of it.

It’s easy to push it away because of that unfamiliar feeling despite it being the thing you have been attempting to manifest. Thinking about it is quite different to having it sitting right in-front of you.

So what are my tips for you while I am on this journey so far.

Breathe & Visualize

Get into the vibration of receiving love from someone when spending time alone. Visualise receiving nurturing words from them and caresses. Viusalise being showered and nurtured by the warm glow of love and notice what comes up in your body. Does it bring up memories for you? Be kind and gentle with yourself and practice self-grace and forgiveness if difficult feelings come up. You may be surprised.

Write Letters

Write letters that you won’t actually send. Write a letter to your heart, telling it that it is now safe to open up and be vulnerable. Reassure it that everything is going to be ok and that it is now safe to trust. It’s amazing what self-soothing can do. Each part of ourselves, our heart, soul, inner child, inner teenager, higherself, all day well by being spoken to in calming and gentle ways and reassured. You may also want to write a letter to past lovers to release any feelings that have not been cleared. This is a letter you may want to burn or rip up after writing. The purpose of this exercise is purely for release and not intended for actual communication between you and them.


Practice a physical self-love practice of caressing yourself, hugging yourself and surrounding yourself in a bubble of unconditional love. Maybe you want to bring your inner child on this journey. Maybe when you hold yourself there is a part of you from the past that comes up for healing and a memory that requires your particular attention. Be patient with yourself and allow whatever comes up to come up. Everything is perfect and is as it should be in this present moment for you.

Work with your dreams

Notice what themes pop up in your dreams and work with them. Take note of how the dreams manifest in relation to your past relationships and journey with your heart. Write your dreams down and re-write them to visualise a better outcome. For example if you dream about an ex-partner that you are needing to release. Perhaps you could imagine having a conversation with them in the dream to clear up anything that is needing to be cleared. Dreams are a powerful way to heal through the astral realms and the subconscious.

Most importantly be kind to yourself and gentle to yourself. This is not an overnight process and healing comes with continual commitment to the work.

Sending you all my love and always here if you need support.

Hannah Banana

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