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Returning to my inner sovereignty

It's been quite a journey I can tell you that much! From 2019 to here. 3.5 years of growth, learning, healing and coming back to myself.

I went and saw an old friend and fellow healer the other day and she said "You're back aren't you? She's back!?" I'm happy to say I was able to answer that question with a yes. I 100 percent am. It took me a while to come back into my body. The lead up to my fumble in 2019 was a lot of not being in my body. What I didn't realise I was doing at the time was disassociating. I was leaving my body for the other realms because I simply didn't want to be here. I thought everything was all about connecting to those upper realms and not really fully being present and being here. But wow! What a lesson I have learnt about the importance of embodiment.

I've been on a real health journey since I got covid last June and had to take 3 months off of work. I contracted Bels Palsy as well and my health plummeted as well as my mental health. When 2022 became 2023 I set myself a target of returning back within my inner sovereignty and committing to doing better by my body. I am proud to say that as I write this I am 12 days sober. Realising that Alcohol and drinking had become a bit of a pattern and had unfortunately made it's way into my home life a little too much.

Self-awareness is such a beautiful thing right? When we are able to self-reflect and not self-berate. To have the compassion to be kind to ourselves when perhaps we have fallen off the horse or slipped to the side of the path. I recognise this path of healing will not be a linear one. There will be moments that I will need to reconvene and perhaps get back on that horse again but wow I'm a long way from where I was this time in 2020. I had only just returned to a normal 9-5 after feeling like I'd lost my ability to coach and do sessions for people. My intuition felt like it had been completely turned off and I feared I would never find myself again. But that I did. She's a different version now. She's more grounded, more discerning, has better boundaries and knows the importance of acknowledging and spending time on the simple things. Spending time with non woo-woo friends as well (not getting so wrapped up in the spiritual world and feeling like it's the be all and end all). Spending time at home with my phone to one side and enjoying a movie rather than constantly on the laptop trying to build an empire. Spending time consciously with my breath and my awareness, my presence.

I suppose the intention behind this blog is a simple reminder that you can be in a dark place and you can return and recover. You can reclaim your divinity, your sovereignty and your grace. I didn't want to be alive anymore at the end of 2019 and here I am absolutely thriving, ready to return to my studies, ready to see my business thrive again. Once again in a new happy relationship, grounded with a beautiful home to live in.

Thank you to those of you who have supported me and have been following my journey right the way along and to those of you who are new, welcome, I hope this provides you with some hope, peace or maybe some inspiration.

All my love

Hannah xx

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