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What's going on with me?

To anyone wondering what is going on with me I wanted to share a few new insights.

I am going to write this little bit by little bit as too much computer and screen time is currently making me really dizzy so I need to limit it.

There is a great song about going through changes and I guess that really sums it up for me right now.

I came back from Europe with a number of intentions. I wanted to get my business off the ground and go-go-go. So since October I have been running, rushing, racing, building, updating from this amazing source of energy that came from my European holiday but ever since the energy of 2018 came in and settled I have been feeling the call to slow down….to dig deep and to take time for self.

It started with an energy healing with Michele Courage just before Christmas that got me ready to start looking deeply at all different areas of my life from Inner Child work to Sexuality, Daddy and Men issues, Health, Intimate Relationships and Interpersonal relationships.

When I went to visit my Hynotherapist the other day she commended me and described me as 'Wonder Woman.' I was blown away as I look up to Wonder Woman a lot. To me she represents strength and resilience. She is pretty Badass. My little brother also recently described me as being like Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, a "Strong Woman " in his words

So why do they see this strength in me?

They said it was because I face things head on. I don't hide from the hard stuff. I see it and I push right through that pain and go.

But as far as what is going on with me at the moment I have taken my health and personal journeying to a deeper level. It is a hard one to describe in a nutshell. But what it does mean is that at present my energy reserves are low. I am diving deep into places in my mind I have never been before. Sometimes that is a really emotional process. But what I can promise is that I am going to come out of this stronger than ever. Sometimes at the moment I feel dizzy, I cry randomly, I feel like throwing up and I am experiencing deep anger for the first time in my life.

These are emotions I am allowing myself to feel for the very first time in my life on this level.

It's a scary thing to do, facing yourself and your inner demons. Facing your limitations and your flaws but I want to be a better version of myself and come as close to my higher self as I can. I came to this earth to evolve and to learn and to grow.

I take full responsibility for my own personal growth now. I am in charge of my own destiny.

So if I seem less engaged on social media for the next wee while or I am not openly sharing as much on these platforms please still know I am still 100% here but I'm diving deep with myself first so that I can do the same for you.

Imagine someone showing you the way through a maze. They have to learn the way of the maze first right before they can show you? It's just like that.

I will be there on the other side for sure. Leading this tribe of amazing boss Goddesses and Emperors and Star Seeds and seeing us all embracing who we truly came here to be.

The business is going to evolve more too as I step more and more into the healing and personal transformational space than the readings.

But that's enough for now as for the updates.

Watch this space xxx

Thank you for sharing this journey with me

#selfdevelopment #overcoming #levelup #strength #spirituality #personalgrowth

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