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Overcoming the anxiety and fear dragon

Managing your anxiety is a journey. It’s a process. I am no stranger to ‘stinkin thinkin’. I was an anxious child growing up. I was the master at putting a negative spin on things. I do brain gym each and everyday to challenge those thoughts because I want to continue to believe in Magic.

I was thinking this afternoon about the four year old version of me. She loved the dressup box! My oh my how she loved it! I always wanted to be a bride. My childhood love of fairytale romance and ‘Happily ever after’ So everyday all the kids would get to play along in my happily ever after fantasy. It comes from growing up in a broken home. No, this is not a pity party story, it’s simply the shaping of who I am.

Often I cloud my mind with negative self-beliefs or assumptions about others. The biggest tool I have learnt along the way to put into my treasure trove is challenging those thoughts.

I write them down on a page and then I question them

  • Is this real?

  • Have you asked the person involved

  • What fear is sitting behind this

It’s amazing what you can bring to life.

Facing your fears in the mirror everyday isn’t easy. I’ve spent the last 2.5 years since my life was almost taken promising myself that I would make the most out of the extra time I was given. That I would continue to explore and develop myself. That I wouldn’t settle for boredom or for lack of satisfaction and that I would seek out my passions no matter how scary.

The road ahead of you is filled with options. Some options are easy and most of the fish swim down that path too. It’s comfortable, it provides a roof over your head and food on the table. But that path doesn’t have a spark, doesn’t have a platform of risk involved. You see, life is about failing. Life is about falling. Wether it’s falling in love, falling over as a child when you were learning to walk, falling out of plane with a parachute strapped to your back or falling on your feet again.

It’s a really freeing feeling to finally not let fear get in my way. It doesn’t mean it’s gone. It’s just the little gremlin sitting in the backseat of my car now. I never let him touch the steering wheel anymore. Joy is in the front. Similar concept to one of my favourite childrens films “Inside out”

I’m freeing my inner child. That is what it means to be a Joyologist really. Freeing those childlike inhibitions and letting go. The difference between when we are children and now, as we step into out adult lives? We have mum and dad holding our hand. It’s like the training wheels are off now and it’s more scary to take big risks because where is our safety net if we fall?

For me, I find it easier to reflect back on how far I have come. I remind myself of times where something really terrible happened and how I overcame it. You see in our darkest moments we do seem to find the strength and the know how to pull through.

We come here for personal growth, for soul evolution. We don’t come here to play it safe.

The road is a wild one but taking the path less travelled, so entirely worth it in each and everyway.

Talk soon,

Your resident (gypsy soul) Spirit Conduit & Intuitive Healing Coach

#anxiety #overcomingfear #depression #awakening #personalgrowth #soulevolution

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