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The timing has to be divine

We can be so impatient in our lives. We know what we want. We would really like it if it could happen right now! Whether the thing in question is as simple as the satisfaction of a food craving or something a little more major, like the perfect relationship, or a job offer.

I have had my own personal battles over the last month whilst trying to find work. It is somewhat disheartening when you have been convinced that investing $50,000 in your education is going to put you in good stead and set you apart and then you get rejection after rejection. In these circumstances, it certainly is hard to keep your confidence levels up. I am keeping my head held high at the moment knowing that this is all about divine timing and the right thing for me will pop up when it is meant to. In the mean time I am making the most of the break from the 9-5 lifestyle, working on building my business and creating mental pictures of where I would really like to be career wise further down the track.

I have always enjoyed helping others and had originally planned to be a psychologist so, after travelling, I am considering doing some further training to become a certified counselor or youth worker.

Meditation has been so valuable to me over this time. It may seem cheesy and a little over the top but lying in bed at night listening to beach sounds backed with classical music is a bit of a saving grace. I am leaving everything up to God and the angels and counting my blessings. We spend so much time focusing on what we don’t have in our lives that we can forget to count our blessings for the things that we do have. I have been so grateful towards my friends over the last while. I get so many encouraging messages asking me how the job hunt is going and complimenting me on my skills and abilities. It is really important to focus on these factors rather than the rejection calls and letters and the comments about me being unemployed, although sometimes mentioned in jest, I can’t help but take personally.

A technique that I like to share with my friends and clients that is an oldie but a goodie is to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the situation where you have achieved your desired outcome. A few months ago I took an evening stroll with a girlfriend, we were both quite frustrated with the situations that were arising in our love lives and so we asked each other to describe ourselves seven years in the future, what would it look like? I said to her that I imagined coming home from a business trip and my husband is standing at the sink and it is filled with bubbles. He’s making bubble moustaches with our two children and I walk in the door and they run up to me in their pyjamas yelling “Mummy, Mummy!” I cuddle them and give them big kisses and my husband and I tuck them into bed and read them bed time stories with animation, because we know how much I love dramatic play. Once the children are asleep him and I cuddle up on the couch in front of the fire and share a glass of wine and chat and I smile because I am so happy to have a loyal man in my life who is such a great father.

These visualisations may seem a bit far-fetched or silly but the powers of these techniques are not to be discredited. Often we say we want something but we haven’t even imagined ourselves having it. We haven’t thought about what it would really look like. It’s like having a friend ask you if you would like something sweet from the dairy and you say yes with no description of what you want and they bring you back a Turkish Delight bar. You may have failed to mention that you don’t like those. If you use this same example in the context of the universe, don’t ask the universe for something generic and then be disappointed when you don’t get what you want.

Literally weeks after my visualisation I started dating this amazing guy, who I am still dating, I know what some of you are thinking and no I am not fast forwarding to seven years from now. I am simply stating that he fits so many of the characteristics of the kind of guy I was trying to visualise for the long term and I am so happy. I truly believe in the power of visualisation as opposed to forced creation of a reality by trying to make things happen. Things work out in their own ways so just remember to try and think of how beautiful things will be when they work out for the best. Don’t give in to fearful imaginings of the word case scenario. Worry about that when it happens, which 99% of the time it doesn’t.

I think I am going to focus on doing this same visualisation technique this week when it comes to finding my dream job and see how I go. I am definitely feeling like I have more clarity at the moment however and I must say how refreshing that is! I hope some of you can find ways to get creative with your own visualisations this week and have fun having a play.

As always, Love and Light


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