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We all have our personal struggles. Not one of us can have the ego to believe that others are somehow exempt from their own internal difficulties. This is why jealousy is not only ugly, it is completely unnecessary because you can never successfully assume that someone else’s life is perfect or that it will continue to be smooth for an extended period of time. The most difficult thing we have to overcome is the internal dialogue that goes on within our own minds. For me personally, my belief in God and the angels is what has gotten me through a lot of my most difficult moments. However, I have often been persecuted throughout my life for my belief in such things, sometimes even called mental.

I think it is an unkind thing to do, to belittle someone and to make them feel patronised because they choose to hold tight to something that perhaps ‘science’ cannot technically prove. But if something cannot also be unproven then does that make it any less worthy of belief?

I don’t walk around imposing my beliefs on others, and though I do share that side of myself on my personal social media profiles I do not force others to participate. It has taken me years to come into my own confidence with who I am and what I feel connected to. I have nothing against other human beings no matter what their religious or spiritual beliefs are or their sexual orientations etc.

Sometimes it takes a while to grow into your own skin and learn to stand tall. It is a case of deciding who you chose to give power and authority to in your life. It is also a case of who you allow to have an influence over how you think, feel or act. It’s the difference between being the giraffe that lowers its’ neck afraid to stand tall or the Giraffe that stands proud of who they are.

We all gather and acquire our belief systems from varying sources, no two humans have shared the exact same experiences and have been influenced by the exact same things, not even twins. As a result no one has the right to tell you what is right for you, they may advise you, coming from good intentions based on their own personal values and belief systems, but it is up to you to decide how you wish to navigate your way through life.

During the moments where you have to listen to the voices in the darkest corners of your mind, in times of solitude, it is yourself, your beliefs and your own tools that you must utilise in order to pull you through and come to find joy and fulfilment once again. I have spent a lot of time in the past trying to draw strength and peace of mind from external sources. However, once you learn to spend that quiet, reflective time alone and not feel ‘lonely’ things begin to change.

I personally have noticed a real transformation over the last two years and perhaps this is what your twenties are all about. Ironing out the creases and examining yourself not based on what others will think but based on what you feel and belief is right or valid.

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