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Thank you to my beautiful clients and fellow Goddesses for your wonderful praise and love

Shannon Rose  - New Earth Channel from


My reading with Hannah was so heart warming and so tuned in to EXACTLY what was going on with my life! She offered guidance that was accurate but also multiple tools to help integrate the guidance into my life! She pin pointed exactly where I was out of balance with my masculine and feminine energy and offered me messages from my guides reinforcing the path I am on.

She has the most warm and loving presence and didn't waste any time, with a steady flow of messages coming through the whole time!! So so valuable and I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone needing guidance xx

Jessica Reid
Global Clairvoyant & Purpose Fulfillment Coach

Hannah has such a beautiful presence, Her energy fills the room with positivity and she has an incredibly magical connection with her soul.


Her gift is to be a conduit for spirit's messages to help people REALLY heal within and tap into their empowerment , She knows all the tools to help enlighten JOY within the heart and is so fun to journey along with!


Working with Hannah you will realise how to deeply connect with your own soul, your own gifts and to be in a space of love & light, You'll tap into your purpose naturally through this connection and Hannah can easily guide you into living a life that resonates with what you knew all along as your highest potential.


I would personally recommend Hannah to everyone who is looking for soul guidance and healing as she is one of the most genuine people I know who is utilising her gifts, living her path and serving others for all the right reasons within her heart.

Lots of love, Jessica x

Lisa Conroy 

Inspirational life, Career and Wellness coach

Hannah Joy Gaisford is one of the most incredible inspiring woman I’ve ever met.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Hannah over the last few years, and she continues to wow me with her zest for life, her resilience and passion for what she does.

I had one of her beautiful Angel Readings which really resonated with me, Hannah was able to guide me with her intuitive skills to assist me with feeling more confident in pursuing my leadership and business in a fun, creative way, with many laughs and aha moments.

I have always found Hannah’s style to be heart centered, positive, insightful and light-hearted which I love.  It lights me up to see her growing from strength to strength in her own life and business  journey, overcoming many challenges along the way to show extraordinary resilience and wisdom for someone so young.  

Hannah has always shown an enthusiasm at my workshops and group events, bringing in a wonderful fun and intuitive energy that leaves an uplifting impression on everyone.

She is a very talented entrenpreneur and Spiritual Goddess, who I’m honoured to call one of my soulsisters.

I highly recommend Hannah’s services as you will always be in good hands to uplift, engage and reconnect with your true self in a powerful and life-changing way!

I can’t wait to see where her path takes her next and I know that whatever Hannah puts her mind and energy into will be a magical experience for all!

Sweet blessings and soulful adventures ahead



Lisa Conroy
Director of Happiness
Box of Chocolates Ltd

Aliesha Rowe

Owner of Whisk Cafe, Pukekohe, Auckland

I have been consulting Hannah Joy for over four years now, on a six monthly basis to gain guidance in the steps I'm taking in my life as well and find insight into the struggles I face in my life. Her spiritual connection, insight and guidance have always been extremely accurate and lead me down a path of positivity and light that I never thought was possible for myself. I cannot recommend this woman and her skills highly enough! I will continue to consult Hannah Joy now and into the future regarding my business and personal life, as well as times of struggle when she provides me with the knowledge and skills to find love and light

I went into an Akashic Records reading with Hannah Joy with only a basic concept of what it would offer me, and it well and truly exceeded my expectations. Not only was Hannah informative about the process, but the way she delivered the messages was insightful, warm, with both laughs and tears to be had. She intuitively brought forward exactly what I needed to hear, which allowed me to move past an unconscious block that had been holding me back from my next level. This allowed me to step into a higher, more aligned space instantaneously. I’m still reaping the rewards of the healing that took place and the insight I gained, and forever will. Thank you Hannah, a true soul sis xo

Rachael - Wellington, NZ

Had the powerful reading today from the incredibly talented Hannah Joy! It was more like a massive personal growth session! Dayum! I have really been looking forward to having a session with this gorgeous goddess and even before our session I knew it was going to be super impactful for me.. I even felt like I was going to cry. Hannah really helped me get clarification on an area in my life that I need to heal and has helped me understand my frustrations in this area and where they come from. She has also given me heaps of tools and insights into how to heal this particular issue which makes me feel supported and safe to move forward with this healing. I am so super grateful, thank you so much

Tara - Palmerston North, NZ

My reading with Hannah was so empowering and enlightning. She delivers everything with clarity & truth.

She has such a beautiful, light, warrior energy about her and is truly a goddess light angel.

She delivered messages with such care and genuinity. She made sure I was in resonance with everything she shared and explained why and how this was relevant.

She gave me tools to take away to empower myself to continue to step into my true power and for that I will be forever grateful.

Hannah is truly one of a kind and has an amazing connection with spirit and source energy. I would highly recommend her services, and was blown away with the magical beauty of listening to her speak light language.

Jessica Armstrong - Brisbane, Australia

Intuitive Lightleader for the rising milennial lightworker

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Hannah and it was such a beautiful and empowering experience to be apart of.

Hannah is such an incredible intuitive who really holds the space to bring through messages from spirit for your highest good and is so supportive, honest, encouraging and empowering throughout her entire facilitation process. She really holds you in a loving yet honest and to the point way that encourages you to see what’s setting you back and how you can rise into your power and claim what you’re truly here to achieve.

I couldn’t recommend working with Hannah enough, her beautiful shining light is just so infectious to work with and you will walk away feeling empowered, divinely guided, held and empowered in yourself, your souls truth and highest path.

Dena Kim - NZ

When I found Hannah I found her in a moment of time where I was desperately trying to stop myself from spiralling downhill. The universe brought us together and during our first 3 sessions I became confident, ambitious and I was able to connect with her on a deeper level through her own personal experience that resonated with my situations very much. 
Hannah literally made me feel like I had the strength to get through the darkness and that there was hope at the end of the tunnel because she was proof herself. Her intuitive excercises and techniques really helped with getting me on track and really got me thinking about my life purpose. Thankyou so much Hannah! I feel like I've made a lifelong friend more so than anything! An Inspiring and Amazing women ❤️

Linda - NZ

I would definitely recommend Hannah for a Reading.She was very accurate and confirmed much that I already knew.She has a lovely, caring, genuine way about her.So give her a go, you won't be dissapointed.I wish you well,Isis and keep up the good work you are doing.

Sandy - NZ

Hannah did a reading for me today, she is very gifted, kind, compassionate & generous with her time & followup questions. I have had many readings throughout my life & I would rate Isis very highly for her accuracy and insight. Her intuition is incredible. I would definitely have another reading with her again. God bless Hannah. Sandy

Jill - NZ

Thank you Hannah for a reading that indeed captured the thoughts and desires that are floating round in my head at the moment!! You were really on the ball. And thanks for the advice which I was probably only doing 50% of - will now put more time and effort into what you suggest. Good one Hannah! Joy from Jill to you!

Odile- NZ

My reading with Hannah was just the injection of positivity, possibility and hope I needed. She has a clear passion for what she does, and I found her knowledgeable, intuitive and holistic in her approach. She got me thinking well outside the square about my life today and where it’s heading, which is exactly what I really needed to do. I was in the midst of a lengthy house-hunting process at the time and Hannah was bang on with where I’ve eventually moved to. Thank you very much Hannah :)?.

Rebecca- NZ

Highly recommended. This lovely lady has a beautiful soul and is very spot on with what she says. A lot of what she said resonated with me and I am interested to see what the future brings. I believe Hannah has some special gifts and wouldn't hesitate in asking for another reading.

Vikki- NZ

After my reading, I felt so enlightened and at peace with life. Your insight & honesty was very helpful. I am a lot more positive with everything but particularly my marriage. And I don't say that lightly. You are very good and what you do and I appreciated your help. For me at that point, it was more helpful than a counselling session. Thank You!

Natassia - NZ

Hannah is such a lovely and gifted light worker. She works from a space of love where she weaves healing and intuitive guidance together. My reading was an uplifting experience that has given me practical healing tools for use going forward. I would recommend working with Hannah for her genuine kindness and compassion. 

Samuel McFadyen - NZ

Hannah's readings are always to the point, insightful and very helpful! Her coaching has provided me with so many tools that I use I'm my day to day life to keep me on track in my spiritual journey Would definitely recommend her for a reading or for coaching!
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