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If you know you're gifted but you're not entirely sure how to navigate your gifts.  If you are wanting to expand out into your highest potential and need the support to connect in with Spirit in your own unique way.  I am ready and here to help you.  

The best decision I ever made was to hire a Business Mentor and Purpose Fulfillment Coach.  It was a big financial investment for me at the time in the infancy of my entrepenurial, soul goddess path but wow was it worth it!

Investing in yourself is the best decision you can ever make to bring in the future reality that you so desire.

My mentorships are a combination of deep healing., removing of blockages and limiting beliefs and connection to our innate spiritual prowess and truth.

I am so passionate and inspired by building bright futures for others.

What is included?

  • weekly 60 -90 Minute Sessions

  •  Voice Memo support in-between sessions 

  • Bespoke created guided healing and meditations to support you on your personal journey

  • Light Language healings and transmissions

  • Akashic Record Clearing and Support

  • Angelic Reiki Attunements

6 Month and 1 Year packages include instant access to all my Group Programs on the time of new launches.

1 Year package includes 2 x 3 hour goal setting and strategy alignment sessions

also includes 1 on 1 mentorship day in person (location dependant) 

This package is tailored to be completely bespoke to you but here are some of the things we can discover together....

Purpose finding,  


Business Development,

Healing and Energy work.

Get you in touch with your own spiritual gifts

Identify your personal blockages 

Domestic Violence and Abuse Healing

Inner Child Healing

Removing conditioning and blockages to self-worth

Career restimulation

Deeper connection to your spirit guides

Expansion in your third eye

Deeper intuition

3  month  = 3333NZD

6 month = 6000 NZD

1 Year = 11,111

Client Love



Maryland, USA

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.25.52

"I came across Hannah at a spontaneous moment, on a spontaneous day by a live free reading she was doing. I was lucky enough to submit my question and have her respond. Perhaps initially spontaneous but I knew soon after it was for a reason and boy was it ever! I immediately knew I had to book a reading with Hannah and with much excitement I did. She blew me away with her knowledge, her wisdom and her guidance. I knew I couldn’t stop there and I had to work one on one with her so I booked in for her mini intensive coaching course which was far from mini in every way shape and form. Hannah is just a blessing beyond the skies of the universe. She’s so loving and nurturing and gets to the nitty gritty. We worked through some very vulnerable moments and I had some spiritual tantrums along the way but Hannah rocked my socks off and I always looked forward to our sessions. She was so accommodating and was always there for support at any uncertain time. She is a wealth of knowledge, amazing human being and a power house of spirit. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Hannah and have her become a part of the tribe my soul was searching for. I have changed so much in plentiful ways thanks to Hannah, I see things in such a different light and have finally reconnected with my soul and healed parts of me that even I wasn’t aware needed healing. I highly recommend working with Hannah; you’ll be a completely different person afterwards in the most positive and therapeutic way. Thank you my dear Hannah for your beautiful soul healing my soul! I couldn’t had done it without you and I love that you’ve been part of my journey, much gratitude and love sent your way xx



Western, Australia

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.13.30

I have been privileged to be one of Hannah’s long running clients. Having met her in January for a quick angel card reading, I never envisaged the journey this was going to take me. I have always been looking for ways to connect closer with God and felt that going to church was losing its allure for me. Meeting with Hannah has given me the tools to find ways to connect with God and my angel spirit team on such a deep level. I have also developed the ability to do this at any time- whether it’s through walking the dog, through dreams and even through doing my own angel card readings. After struggling with meditation, it is now one of my favourite things to do. This journey with God has given me so much to be thankful for, healed many past wounds and given me a sense of inner peace which I had never had before. I am now weaning of my anti-anxiety medication and find that I invoke the power of my guides, even in mundane activities. This is a gift no money in the world could ever give justice for and I cannot thank Hannah enough for enabling this. This has also connected me with other light workers who I have connected with and am currently working with in order to expand on what Hannah has already helped me with. 


I cannot recommend her enough. I can’t even thank her enough. There has been so much value into this and I truly think she is gifted. 


As I embark on a new journey in my life, I feel safe knowing that my connection will carry me through no matter what.

Self Expansion mentorships

3 month                       6 Month                  12 Month

 3333 NZD                     6000 NZD                      11,111NZD

NB:  Payment plans are available. Payment can be made in full, weekly, fortnight or monthly 

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