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Introducing Hannah

2017 Has been a big year for me. 


I left the corporate world, Spent 3 months travelling around Europe.

Invested in a Business Mentor and Spiritual Coach and came out of the Spiritual Closet!

For a long time I felt my purpose in life was music and performing arts.  I had a starring role in a musical feature film last year and have spent many years dabbling in this space.

In 2011 my wonderful flatmate at the time recognised my gifts and encouraged me to start sharing them with others.

It's been a long journey of acceptance but here I am standing on the edge of it all.

I'm 26 going on 5.  I love mat time, nap time, play time.  Basicially I just want to play with life.

Perhaps that is why I worked for a few years in Early childhood.

I sense spirit and work with it on a daily basis.  As a spirit conduit and intuitive healing coach I have the joy of leading others to their own forms of Joy and to the Divine.

It's more than just joy though.  I have spent years coming to terms with my Bipolar Diagnosis and standing in my truth.  Learning that it is ok to be me. Learning that I am more than my diagnosis.  Learning that it is ok to be different.

  • ​I love life but I haven't always

  • I love spirit and it took me a long time to accept my gifts

  • I love coffee and I love green tea

  • I am yin and I am yang

  • I love to connect

  • I love to use the word love

I would love to hear from you if you feel drawn to me, to my message or are needing to reach out.  My mission?  To build up other divine Goddesses and help them speak their truth and shine their light.

As well as encouraging men to embrace their divine masculine and feminine balance and step out into this new wave of consciousness.

I can't wait to hear from you and connect.

Love and Light

Hannah xx

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