Earlier this year my guides offered me up a powerful new tool and way to bring forth transformation in my coaching.

Introducing....Dream Alchemy!

I am so excited to share this.  Through unlocking messaging in your subconscious mind through the energy of your dreams, I am able to uncover pathways to help you to unlock and bring about your highest potential and most expansive self.

So what is involved?

I tune into the energy of your soul body before sleep and ask you to record any messages that come through in your dreams.  I pick up channeled guidance in my dream state for your and compore it with your personal messages from your dreams.

We repeat this process over 3 weeks, 1 session per week.

The sessions occur the day after your dream intention night and last for one hour.

In the session I deliver and tools to support your healing process in between sessions and you will have access to messenger support from me in between.

This is a powerful tool to uncover

-Subconscious blocks

-Wounds to come up for healing

-Past life limitations and gifts

-Limiting beliefs that are perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Throughout the process I will also create a bespoke light language activation . and healing to help you move through the subconscious themes that comes up.
















Testimonial from the gorgeous Shannon Rose

Spiritual Mentor, Trained Breathwork Facilitator and Channel


3 x Overnight Dream Activations 


3 x 1 hour dream Alchemy sessions via zoom Video

1 x personalised meditation and healing sound alchemy 

No two packages are the same as all journeys are different so each will be unique and magical

Testimonial from the wonderful Libby Wallace

Addiction Expert & Intuitive Empowerment Coach

Dream Alchemy Package

Energetic Exchange of $555 NZD

Payments plans are available 

Contact me for more information

Hannah Joy

Spirit Conduit  & Intuitive Healing Coach

Healing And Empowering The Authentic You

Enlightening Your Personal Utopia

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