Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm a Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach. I work with spirit to bring forward guidance, messages and insights for your highest good so that you can experience healing, empowerment, joy and live out your greatest potential.  To read about my personal journey click here


Are you trapped in the darkness? Do you remember what love and light feels like? You have a special, unique gift to offer this world. You are love. I can help you to hold the hand of spirit as we guide you back to your utopia. You can be anything you want to be because we are all made of the same spirit. The end destination is a wonderful place of peace and joy

"Hannah is a very talented entrenpreneur and Spiritual Goddess, who I’m honoured to call one of my soulsisters.

I highly recommend Hannah’s services as you will always be in good hands to uplift, engage and reconnect with your true self in a powerful and life-changing way!"

Reconnect with Spirit 

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Her spiritual connection, insight and guidance have always been extremely accurate and lead me down a path of positivity and light that I never thought was possible for myself.


Working with Hannah you will realise how to deeply connect with your own soul, your own gifts and to be in a space of love & light, You'll tap into your purpose naturally through this connection and Hannah can easily guide you into living a life that resonates with what you knew all along as your highest potential.

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