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Hi! I'm Hannah, for a long time I have been calling myself a Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach but what is in a name? What does it mean to be a spirit conduit and intuitive healing coach?


 A large part of my passion and enthusiasm in my personal journey over the last year has been connecting myself back into my body and feeling consistency in my more positive joyful emotions. Instead of feeling the constant topsy turvy way of life and the rocking waves I intend and endeavour to bring people back into a space of equilibrium To read about my personal journey click here

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For a long time I was trapped in a constant cycle of disassociation and spiritual bypassing. Ignoring my lower chakras and energy centres from a place of wanting to escape. Over the last few years I have been really working deeply on reconnecting to my body and the centre of gravity within myself. Recognising that we came here to live a human experience and enjoy all the things it means to be a spiritual being here on the earth plane.


My passion is building a bridge between science and spirituality, providing a window of opportunity both with spiritual insight but grounded embodiment exercises to ground you and bring you home to yourself.

"Hannah is a very talented entrepreneur and Spiritual Goddess, whom I’m honoured to call one of my soul sisters. I highly recommend Hannah’s services as you will always be in good hands to uplift, engage and reconnect with your true self in a powerful and life-changing way!"

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"Her spiritual connection, insight, and guidance have always been extremely accurate and led me down a path of positivity and light that I never thought was possible for myself."


"Working with Hannah you will realise how to deeply connect with your own soul, and your own gifts and to be in a space of love & light, You'll tap into your purpose naturally through this connection and Hannah can easily guide you into living a life that resonates with what you knew all along as your highest potential."

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